Corporate Connections

Over the past half-century, CNCCU has stood at the intersection of academics and corporations, having Taiwan's most passionate business and management faculty members who possess a rigorous teaching and research outlook. These faculty members continue to lead Taiwan with various business programs that prepare students for the future by involving them in hands-on experience and developing good relations with notable corporations. As the quality of our college is directly tied to our connectedness with the real world, we have embarked on multiple relationships with businesses and organizations for a wide range of bilateral benefits.

One example includes substantial donations to fund infrastructure projects such as a NTD10,000,000 donation from Yuanta Financial Holdings Co., Ltd to construct the state-of-the-art Yuanta Lecture Hall. Mr. Chou Chun-Chi, an alumnus, made a personal donation of six hundred million NT dollars in order to help remodel the Center for Public & Business Administration Education. When it comes to software, the outstanding researches and the innovations of the College of Commerce have also attracted Sinyi Realty to donating twelve million dollars per year for a period of ten years, supporting the establishment and the operation of the Sinyi School, and to promote business education and the development of the MBA.

Also CNCCU has multiple corporate partners who contribute in awarding research grants to its faculty for their cutting edge innovations.

The following is a snapshot of CNCCU’s interactions with corporations.

Internships & Recruiting

The positive, pragmatic, and global-minded commercial professionals cultivated by the College of Commerce are often favored by corporations. Manpower Cultivation Programs that are developed collaboratively by corporations and the College of Commerce have been training experts in the business community and developing a promising future for students in the College of Commerce.Every year, CNCCU collaborates with both national and international corporations to offer summer internship programs to commerce students. Internship programs include ones at HTC, Microsoft, Unilever, L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Advantec, and China’s Clevo®, Ting Hsin International Group, Wei Chuan Corp., and Uni-President Enterprises Corp., as well as well-known American Law Firms. Every year approximately 10 master program students travel to China to intern at Taiwanese companies for as long as a year.

Apart from organizing internship programs both nationally and internationally, CNCCU works to bridge job opportunities between graduates and corporations. Every year after graduation, the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs Services works together with the different departments at CNCCU by hosting various career planning and internship fairs. At the fair, notable corporations include large bank and financial firms, the four largest accounting firms, Taiwan L’Oreal, TSMC, Unilever, Morgan Stanley, and Microsoft.In a world where human resources determines the competitiveness of companies, eminent corporations have been proactively recruiting the excellent graduates of the College of Commerce; not to mention the scholarships made available in order to attract graduates which are provided by companies, such as the Tin Hsin International Group, Sinyi Realty, and the Tan Chong Group from Malaysia.

Industry Course Collaboration

Strong faculty in addition to a teaching system that prepares students for the workplace largely relies on the cooperation with enterprises and the internal training they offer to CNCCU students. CNCCU has become a frequent collaborator with companies such as Taipei 101, Huawei Technology, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Citibank, Wei Chuan Enterprise, and Far East Bank to co-design and co-teach mutually beneficial management courses with critical industry expert inputs. By involving corporations, CNCCU is able to provide courses closer to that of the real world work experience. For example, working with Fubon Bank, Citibank, and HSBC to provide Bank Management courses and working with KGI Securities to provide speeches and lectures relating to finance. In recent years, CNCCU has become more committed to promoting the development of Chinese enterprises and business cooperation cases in Taiwan. Using the international development and management of Taiwanese corporations as teaching materials, CNCCU is currently working with many local benchmark companies of different industries.

Consultancy and Supervision

CNCCU and its faculties are highly regarded as key personalities in academia and industry serving as consultants, supervisors, and advisers. Several examples include; Professor Hu, Lien-Kuo, Independent Director of KGI Financial Services Group; Professor Hsu, Chung-Yuan, Independent Director of HuaNan Financial Holdings and Professor Seetoo, Dah-Hsian, Chairman of Commerce Development Research Institute.