Chia-Hui Huang
Name Chia-Hui Huang
Office Tel No. 81140
Status Full-time
Job Title Associate Professor
Research Expertise Survival Analysis Longitudinal Analysis
Unit Dept. of Statistics
Year Paper Title
2020 Chia-Hui Huang;Yi-Hau Chen*;Jinn-Li Wang;Mey Wang, 2020.09, 'Semiparametric copula-based analysis for treatment effects in the presence of treatment switching(申請商院論文發表補助), ' Statistics in Medicine, Vol.39, No.22, pp.2936-2948.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 428223
2019 Hwang, Y.T.*;Huang, C.-H.;Wang, C.C.;Lin, T.Y.;Tseng, Y.K., 2019.03, 'Joint modeling of longitudinal binary data and survival data, ' Journal of Applied Statistics, Vol.46, No.13, pp.2357-2371.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 423283
2019 Huang, C.-H.*, 2019, 'Mixture regression models for the gap time distributions and illness-death processes, ' Lifetime Data Analysis, Vol.25, pp.168-188.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 423282
2017 Huang, C.-H.;Li, B.;Chen, C.-M.;Wang, W.;Chen, Y.-H.*, 2017, 'Subdistribution regression for recurrent events under competing risks: with application to shunt thrombosis study in dialysis patients, ' Statistics in Biosciences, Vol.9, pp.339-356.(SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者), 423281
2017 Huang, C.-H.*;Chen, Y.-H.;Chuang, Y.-W., 2017, 'Semiparametric regression analysis of recurrent gap times in the presence of competing risks, ' Statistica Sinica, Vol.27, pp.1059-1077.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 423280
2017 Hwang, Y.T.*;Huang, C.-H.;Yeh, W.L.;Shen, Y.D., 2017, 'The weighted general linear model for longitudinal medical cost data-an application in colorectal cancer, ' Journal of Applied Statistics, Vol.44, pp.288-307.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 423279
2017 Huang, C.-H.*;Chen, Y.-H., 2017, 'Regression analysis for bivariate gap time with missing first gap time data, ' Lifetime Data Analysis, Vol.23, pp.83-101.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 423278
2012 Wang, Y.*;Huang, C.-H., 2012, 'Semiparametric variance components models for genetic studies with longitudinal phenotypes, ' Biostatistics, Vol.13, pp.482-496.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 423276
2012 Wang, Y.*;Huang, C.-H.;Fang, Y.;Qiong, Y.;Li, R., 2012, 'Flexible semiparametric analysis of longitudinal genetic studies by reduced rank smoothing, ' Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C, Vol.61, pp.1-24.(SCI)(*為通訊作者), 423275
Project Category Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
MOST Projects 110 含有零膨脹值的相依計數資料之脆弱模型分析 HUANG CHIA-HUI Principal Investigator 2021.08 ~ 2022.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 108 平均殘存時間模型在存活與長期追蹤資料的方法研究(2/2) HUANG CHIA-HUI Principal Investigator 2020.08 ~ 2021.10 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 108 平均殘存時間模型在存活與長期追蹤資料的方法研究(1/2) HUANG CHIA-HUI Principal Investigator 2019.08 ~ 2021.10 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 107 Nonparametric estimation method of the bivariate survival function 黃佳慧 Principal Investigator 2018.08 ~ 2019.08 臺北大學
MOST Projects 106 The dependent censoring issue in treatment switch and clustered/multivariate survival analysis 黃佳慧 2017.08 ~ 2020.07 中央研究院
MOST Projects 106 A copula model for analysis of gap time distributions and illness-death processes 黃佳慧 Principal Investigator 2017.08 ~ 2018.07 臺北大學
MOST Projects 105 Analysis of life quality for survival data: an application of Markov chain and Cox model for the longitudinal study 黃佳慧 Principal Investigator 2016.08 ~ 2017.08 臺北大學
MOST Projects 104 Semiparametric regression analysis of bivariate gap time for semicompeting risks data 黃佳慧 Principal Investigator 2015.08 ~ 2016.07 臺北大學
MOST Projects 103 Modeling infectious disease with covariates effect 黃佳慧 Principal Investigator 2014.08 ~ 2015.07 臺北大學
MOST Projects 102 The robust inference for the cure rate model 黃佳慧 Principal Investigator 2013.08 ~ 2014.07 臺北大學
MOST Projects 101 Covariate analysis of the gap time distribution with dependent censoring 黃佳慧 Principal Investigator 2012.09 ~ 2013.09 臺北大學
Country Degree Duration
UNITED STATES Ph.D. 2005.09 ~ 2011.02
Experience Category Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Current NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY 統計學系 副教授 2019.08 ~ Up to today
Part Time NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY 應用數學系 副教授 2019.08 ~ 2020.08