Job Title Assistant Professor
Unit Dept. of International Business
Email wwen@nccu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. 81131
Research Expertise Microeconomics、 Industrial Economics、Industry and Competition Analysis
Teaching Field 產業經濟學、個體經濟理論、文化經濟學
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
UNITED STATES University of Wisconsin-Madison Economics Ph.D. 1994.09 ~ 2000.08
UNITED STATES Master 1994.09 ~ 1997.05
TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA Master 1990.09 ~ 1993.01
Experience Category Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Current NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY 國際經營與貿易學系 助理教授 2013.01 ~ Up to today
Current NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY 國際經營與貿易學系 助理教授 2000.08 ~ 2013.01
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Inside School 104 資深優良教師 (10年) 國立政治大學
Inside School 96 商學院教學特優 政大商學院
Inside School 95 商學院教學特優 政大商學院
Outside School 89 國科會甲種研究獎勵 科技部(國科會)
Year Paper Title
2017 Wei-jen Wen;Wen-Chieh Lee*;Wen-Hsien Huang, 2017.09, 'Welfare-improving Vertical Mergers in the Presence of Downstream Product Differentiation, ' 2017年反托拉斯經濟學研討會, 台灣經濟學會與公平交易委員會.(*為通訊作者)
2016 Wei-jen Wen;Wen-Chieh Lee*;Kuan-Hao Lu, 2016.12, 'Is a Downstream Capacity-constrained Vertical Merger Anti-competitive?, ' Chinese Economic Association in North America (CEANA) Annual Meeting, CEANA and Taiwanese Economic Association.(*為通訊作者)
2016 Wei-jen Wen;Wen-Chieh Lee*;Keng-Chia Chen, 2016.01, 'To Merge or to Help Related Firms Merge? Vertical Mergers in Cournot Oligopolies with Complementary Inputs, ' The 10th Joint Economics Symposium of Five Leading East Asian Universities, Yonsei University and National Chengchi University.(*為通訊作者)
2014 Wei-jen Wen;Wen-Chieh Lee*;Keng-Chia Chen, 2014.12, 'Vertical Merger Facilitation in Cournot Oligopolies with Complementary Inputs, ' 台灣經濟學會、台灣效率與生產力學會2014年聯合年會, 台灣經濟學會.(*為通訊作者)
2014 Kun-Ming Chen*;Chia-Ching Lin;Wei-jen Wen, 2014.09, 'Exchange Rate Volatility, Market Competition, and the Timing of Foreign Direct Investment, ' The 2014 APJAE Symposium on, the 2014 APJAE Symposium Organizing Committee.(*為通訊作者)
2011 Wen-Chieh Lee*;Wei-jen Wen, 2011.04, 'Endogenous Vertical Industrial Structure in Successive Oligopolistic Entry Game, ' 2011 Midwest Economic Theory and International Trade Conference, Department of Economics, University of Notre Dame.(*為通訊作者)
2010 Tsung-Chi Cheng;Wei-jen Wen*, 2010.07, 'Arts Attendance in Taiwan, ' Proceedings of the Annual Convention of Japan Association for Cultural Economics 2010 in Kobe, Japan Association for Cultural Economics, pp.152-153.(*為通訊作者)
2007 Wei-jen Wen*;Kun-Ming Chen;Chia-Ching Lin, 2007.07, 'Nonlinear Pricing and Price Leadership in Vertically-Related Markets, ' The 2007 Far Eastern Meeting of the Econometric Society, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica.(*為通訊作者)
2007 Tsung-Chi Cheng;Wei-jen Wen*, 2007.05, 'The Determinants of Willingness to Pay for Performing Arts Activity, ' Public Support for Arts and Culture and the Development of Cultural Economics, The Korea Association for Cultural Economics, pp.219-234.(*為通訊作者)
2006 鄭宗記*;溫偉任;林芳如, 2006.10, '台灣製造業之中小企業市場占有率分析—分量迴歸之應用, ' 第一屆中國統計學年會, 中國統計學年會籌備委員會.(*為通訊作者)
2006 Chi-yang Lin;Yuanchen Chang;Wei-jen Wen*, 2006.07, 'Exchange Rate Interventions as a Strategic Trade Policy: Evidence from American Automobile Market, ' The Asia-Pacific Trade Seminars, 2006, The Asia-Pacific Trade Seminars (APTS) Board.(*為通訊作者)
2005 溫偉任*;陳建維;游士賢, 2005.01, '台灣電影的美麗與哀愁—產業分析與生存策略, ' 二OO五年第三屆創新與創造力研討會, 國立政治大學創新與創造力研究中心.(*為通訊作者)
2004 Wei-jen Wen;Alan Chang, 2004.12, 'Split Awards in the Presence of Default Risks, ' 台灣經濟學會2004年年會, 台灣經濟學會.
2004 陳坤銘;溫偉任, 2004.06, '「寡占市場廠商格跟隨行為規範之研究」, ' 第十一屆競爭政策與公平交易法學術研討會, 行政院公平交易委員會.
2003 Wei-jen Wen;Kun-Ming Chen;Chia-Ching Lin, 2003.12, 'Nonlinear Pricing and Price Leadership in Vertically Related Markets, ' 淡江大學產業經濟學術研討會, 淡江大學產業經濟系.