Job Title Associate Professor
Unit Dept. of Accounting
Email vyschen@nccu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. 81120
Year Paper Title
2017 Chia-Wen Chang;Ming-Chin Chen;Vincent Y.S. Chen, 2017.06, 'Are Corporate Tax Reductions Real Benefits under Imputation Systems?, ' European Accounting Review, Vol.26, No.2, pp.215-237., 409158
2016 Sumit Agarwal;Vincent Y.S. Chen;Weina Zhang, 2016.08, 'The Information Value of Credit Rating Action Reports: A Textual Analysis, ' Management Science, Vol.62, No.8, pp.2218-2240., 408155
2016 Chia-Wen Chang;Ming-Chin Chen;Vincent Y.S. Chen, 2016.07, 'The Effects of Tax Reforms under Imputation Systems on Corporate Foreign Ownership, ' Taiwan Accounting Review, Vol.12, No.1, pp.43-80., 412606
2015 Vincent Y.S. Chen;Samuel Tiras, 2015.11, '’Other Information’ as an Explanatory Factor for the Opposite Market Reactions to Earnings Surprises, ' Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Vol.4, No.45, pp.757-784., 408154
2015 Kareen Brown;Vincent Y.S. Chen;Myungsum Kim, 2015.02, 'Earnings Management through Real Activities Choices of Firms Near the Investment-Speculative Grade Borderline, ' Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Vol.34, No.1, pp.74-94., 408153
2015 Shou-Min Tsao;Che-Hung Lin;Vincent Y.S. Chen, 2015.01, 'Family Ownership as a Moderator between R&D Investment and CEO Compensation, ' Journal of Business Research, Vol.68, No.3, pp.599-606., 408152
2014 Vincent Y.S. Chen;Yew Kee Ho, 2014.12, 'The Association between Earnings and Returns: A Comparative Study between China and US Stock Markets, ' China Accounting and Finance Review, Vol.16, No.2, pp.90-106., 408151
2013 Vincent Y.S. Chen;Shou-Min Tsao;Guang-Zheng Chen, 2013.12, 'Founding Family Ownership and Innovation, ' Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol.20, No.4, pp.429-456., 408150
Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
MOST Projects 105 打開信用評等的黑箱子:信用評等機構分析師的角色(2/2) CHEN YU SHEN Principal Investigator 2017.08 ~ 2018.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 105 打開信用評等的黑箱子:信用評等機構分析師的角色(1/2) CHEN YU SHEN Principal Investigator 2016.08 ~ 2017.07 Ministry of Science and Technology
MOST Projects 104 稅務專長董事及公司稅務規避行為的關連性 CHEN YU SHEN Principal Investigator 2015.11 ~ 2017.04 Ministry of Science and Technology
Degree Duration
Ph.D. 2003.08 ~ 2007.06
Experience Category Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Current 會計學系 副教授 2015.08 ~ Up to today
Experience 新加坡國立大學 亞洲會計研究中心 榮譽研究員 2015.09 ~ Up to today
Experience 新加坡特許會計師協會 整合報告委員會 研究及思想領袖組成員 2014.10 ~ 2015.08
Experience 新加坡財政部新加坡會計發展局 會計產業研究中心 總監 2013.07 ~ 2015.06
Experience 美國聖母大學 (University of Notre Dame) 會計研究教育中心 諮詢委員 2009.07 ~ Up to today
Experience 新加坡國立大學 會計系 助理教授 2007.07 ~ 2015.08
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Inside School 106 學術研究優良獎 政治大學
Outside School 105 玉山學術獎 玉山銀行
Deeds 97 Best Paper Award (Financial Accounting Stream) Accounting & Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference