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Global Impacts

The College’s unique contribution to academic research is blending East and West. Combining a global view with an Asian perspective, our research opens a new understanding of Asia’s business environment.
Our research and international impact is evident in our participation in international academic work. Our faculty members serve in editorial positions on international journals. Our faculty members serve in editorial positions for 20 international journals, including premier journals such as Strategic Management Journal and Production and Operations Management.
Since the beginning of the decade, the school has had a strong overall record of publications with over 3000 published papers. About one quarter of these publications are international peer-reviewed journal articles.
An integral component of our mission is to create unique local knowledge, which contributes to the international academic community. We use our unique expertise to create knowledge to serve the global academic community by leveraging our location at the heart of Asia.
We see our Asian perspective as a competitive advantage. Rooted firmly in Taiwan, yet with an internationally experienced faculty and an advanced economy, we can offer special insights into, and understanding of, the Asian business environment to outsiders. In order to emphasize and share our expertise, we have established a solid foundation of courses and case studies focusing on management in Asia. These serve as a window for Westerners to learn more about Asia and also serve as an example for other universities in greater China that wish to learn from the Taiwanese experience.  We have hosted EMBA modules for the Tsinghua-INSEAD program, Singapore National University, and Nanyang Technological University, and short study programs for Purdue University, the University of Innsbruck, and the University of Waikato.  Our cases on Taiwanese corporations have been widely adopted worldwide, including by top universities such as Purdue University and Michigan State University. 
Looking into the future, the College of Commerce is focusing on developing and promoting business ethics education and research in Taiwan and China. This work is done through a special research center, the Hsin-Yi School, serving as a knowledge center and nexus for other academic institutions in the fields of business ethics and CSR.