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About Us

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Since its establishment in 1958, the College of Commerce at National Chengchi University (NCCUC) has always been the center of business education in Taiwan. To date NCCUC

offers 8 departments, 1 graduate institute, 3 MBA programs, 16 research centers, and 3 specialized program offices. Additionally, NCCUC offers over 148 full-time faculty members, approximately 4,046 current students and 32,892 graduates.

NCCUC aims to educate leaders in the field of academic research and business administration, stressing theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on practical experience. NCCUC is dedicated to building a learning environment that merges wisdom and traditions from both eastern and western cultures. Multidimensional innovations have been developed over the years in teaching, research and service in order to mold students from various backgrounds into future leaders.

NCCUC equips students with an international perspective, innovational drive, technological knowledge, and a spirit of humanitarianism. NCCUC strives to be the best business school in Asia and expects utilizing the acquisition, creation, and flow of knowledge in the hope of serving the Taiwanese people and the greater international community.