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Project description

Project description   
The internet era has given rise to increasing new concepts, new technologies, and new trends. In results, enterprises are facing new challenges, and past industry-academia collaboration can no longer fulfill the talent demand of enterprises. For business talents to become more creative, more flexible, and more adaptive, we established the Cross Elite Company Platform in 2015. By establishing a benchmarking enterprise social network and professional business and management education platform, we aim to demonstrate the functions of acquisition, creation, and circulation of knowledge to start a new vision for domestic business and management education through industry-academic collaboration.

The Cross Elite Company Platform aims to establish a professional business and management development platform for learning, social networking, and support. We will establish a cooperative and mutual support social network in collaboration with benchmarking enterprises to further strengthen interactions with enterprises, assist enterprises in raising competitiveness, and building a business and management education platform for learning diversity and development diversity. In addition, through closer industry-academia collaboration, we strengthen the practice of students to develop more outstanding talents that meet enterprise demands and with international competitiveness.

Unlike past industry-academia collaboration which often limited to specific departments, the Cross Elite Company Platform integrates the resources of eight departments of the NCCU College of Commerce and the Graduate Institute of Technology Innovation & Intellectual Property Management (
TIIPM) to expand overall capacity. Unlike past industry-academia exchange which emphasized on strengthening the practice of students, the Cross Elite Company Platform also hopes to connect with various domestic enterprises to establish a cooperative and mutual support social network to enhance competitiveness and thereby promote industrial upgrading and growth through interactive learning among enterprises.