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Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is an international honors academic association acknowledged by AACSB. BGS encourages high-performing business students and high-achieving business professionals. Only schools that have obtained AACSB accreditation are qualified to establish a BGS chapter. NCCUC’s successful internationalization attracted BGS’s attention and approval in 2008 as NCCUC was invited to establish a BGS chapter at NCCU in order to provide students with greater opportunities for international career development.

According to BGS regulations, only the top ten percent of undergraduate students and the top twenty percent of graduate students are invited to become BGS members. As BGS members, students not only enjoy lifetime membership in this prestigious organization, but also are selected as delegates to attend annual international conferences around the world, which to keep its members updated on the latest global business trends to enhance their professionalism and knowledge. Becoming a BGS member is not only a symbolic honor, but also enhances the international competitiveness of NCCUC students. For students, BGS membership is an opportunity for broader horizons and greater international exchange opportunities, as well as, greater career development. Furthermore, BGS is actively establishing a broad spectrum of Alumni Chapters around the globe; therefore, BGS members can interact with business leaders and expand their interpersonal networks no matter where they are.