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Spirit of NCCUC

Concern for Humanity

Aside from fulfilling its primary function of creating wealth and value for its customers, shareholders, employees, and the society at large, business enterprises nowadays are becoming aware of the importance of social responsibility. NCCUC not only organizes seminars and concerts frequently, but it has also established an art gallery to enhance students’ cultural appreciation. In line with this, the IMBA Program has instituted community service as a pre-requisite for graduation to instill in its students the mindset of giving back to the society.

Moral Education

Individuals usually encounter moral dilemma in the course of making strategic decisions, thus, NCCUC  has began promoting the “Improvement of Fundamental Management Education Plan” such that courses related to “Corporate Ethics”and “Corporate Governance” are now being taught in the undergraduate, EMBA, the International MBA and AMBA programs in the form of case studies. This enables students to continually imagine themselves in the position of the case protagonists to make crucial corporate decisions after analyzing and realizing the numerous possibilities available.