Get to know 17 startups and attain internships in 2 hrs (資策會(III)青創團隊與國際人才媒合會)

  • 2016-11-23
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An array of internship opportunities (more than 50 openings) are coming. Come join Taiwan III startups’ internship fair exclusive for NCCU on Dec. 12. ( )
Attached please find company profiles.
III’s (Institute for Information Industry) startups’ internship fair 
1. Presenters: III’s 17 startups
2. Audience: All students at College of Commerce
3. Objective: Learn from startups and explore internship opportunities
4. Time: Monday, Dec. 12, 2016, 2pm-4pm
5. Venue: III’s office (8F., No. 133, Sec. 4, Minsheng E. Rd.)
6. Gathering: Meet at NCCU’s main gate at 12:30 pm, Monday, Dec. 12. Chloe will take you to go there by bus and MRT. No waiting for late comers. 
7. Dress code: Business attire. No jeans or sneakers.

8. Registration: Send your 1-2 page resume to Chloe at by Nov. 25.