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Recruitment service

Recruitment service
Self-motivating, professional, and practical business and management specialists with an international view cultivated by this college have frequently been rated No. 1 in the most favorite students of enterprises by the media  By developing talent cultivation programs in collaboration with enterprises, this college develops outstanding talents with practical skills and enhances the employability of students through knowledge-action (education-employment) integration. The NCCU College of Commerce offers a wide variety of recruitment services to help enterprises achieve recruitment goals. Such services include:
  • Organization of internship and talent recruitment presentations: Every year the NCCU College of Commerce organize various employment and internship presentations and help enterprises to lease venues for such activities in coordination with the date, session, and number of participants required by enterprises.
  • Publicizing internship and employment information
  • Information can be disseminated with posters, college website notice, college e-newsletters, and student mails.
  • Recruitment of experienced alumni
  • In addition to students of graduating classes, the NCCU College of Commerce can forward recruitment information to alumni and contact experienced outstanding business and management talents based on the requirements of job openings.
  • Enterprise project matching
  • In addition to summer internships and internships between breaks, enterprise projects are another way for enterprises to access outstanding students. Enterprises can hire outstanding MBA students of this college to implement their projects with specific purposes. By undertaking various products from enterprises including China Airlines, KPMG, PwC Taiwan, and Johnson and Johnson, we hope to obtain innovative solutions through analysis from the angle of students.