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Global Visibility

In the last five years, The College of Commerce expanded academic interaction with high-quality international universities and institutions through the creation of dual-degree programs, faculty and student exchanges and participation in international competitions and symposiums.
The College is now a regional leader in case teaching and development; and we are focusing more efforts on becoming a regional leader in ethics, responsibility, and sustainability education.
Internationalization is a key component of the College’s mission, vision, and strategic plan. We offer ample opportunities for our students to gain more international exposure and to broaden their horizons through exchange opportunities, dual-degree programs, study tours, internship, and course offerings.
We currently have partnerships with 111 leading schools around the world, spanning from Scandinavia to Australia and from America to Japan giving our students choices and opportunities to travel and learn in new environments.
Internationalization is a two-way process.  We also see it as our responsibility to offer our unique Asian perspective to inbound exchange students and scholars coming to Taiwan and to the academic world in general. We do so by blending Western study materials with Asian cases. Our unique Asian perspective is represented in specialized curricula, courses, and case studies. We regularly offer 10 Asia-featured courses in our International MBA Program and we have been working with the IVEY Business School in Canada to publish Taiwanese business cases.