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Collaborative Short-term Program

Greater numbers of students are choosing to gain cross-cultural experiences through Collaborative Short-Term programs that differ from semester-based exchange programs that require longer time commitments and more costly living expenses. Globalization also fuels the popularity of Collaborative Short-Term programs. Setting a new academic benchmark in Taiwan, NCCUC pioneered a Collaborative Short-Term program in 2007 with Purdue University in the USA. Learning from experience, NCCUC’s Collaborative Short-Term programs continue to be flexible and varied. Currently, NCCUC also engages in mutual exchange programs with the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and host the Università Bocconi (Italy) with customized courses for exchange programs. Because of the intimate knowledge gained of cross-national markets, Collaborative Short-Term programs have a higher value-added component for NCCUC than other types of exchange programs.