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English Taught Program

In order to equip students with international professional skills, including English-language fluency, NCCUC pioneered the English Taught Program (ETP) in 2000. The ETP program can be considered NCCUC’s honors program. Each year 160 freshman are selected for the program based on their English performance on the College Entrance Examination or their score on the General Scholastic Ability Test. The ETP’s high entry standards are demonstrated by the following example: in 2010 NCCUC’s Department of Finance required a score of 91 on the English section of the College Entrance Examination or a Level 15 English score on the General Scholastic Ability Test to enter the ETP.

ETP students enjoy priority registration for English taught professional courses, internships, international exchange programs, and the Buddy Program. NCCUC also utilizes outstanding teachers from foreign language centers and the English Department to offer small classes for English courses affording students the opportunity to practice their English in an intimate and interactive atmosphere. This not only improves students’ English ability, but also, helps to cultivate bilingual management professionals by enhancing students’ international competitiveness and cross-cultural vision for their future careers.