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The College of Commerce (NCCUC) is proud to be the leader of business and management education in Taiwan. With over half a century of experience, NCCUC relentlessly pursues the advancements of our stakeholders making the best even better. Recognizing the importance of internationalization, NCCUC proudly established the Office of International Programs (OIP).

In order to build a high-quality, internationalized learning environment, and to encourage students’ multi-faceted leadership abilities, NCCUC pioneered the English Taught Program (ETP) in 2000. The program not only provides an all-English learning environment to enhance local students’ English proficiency, but also facilitates foreign students’ learning.

Later established in 2000, the International Exchange Program (IEP) continues to actively cooperate with top business schools around the world to broaden students’ horizons through cultural encounters and international exposure. Additionally, the International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA), which was established in 2001, has designed unique and multidimensional Asian management courses and also cooperates with the University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business (IVEY) to compile Asian management case studies. Stemming from the IMBA program’s duty to reinforce domestic business and management education, the case-study series has also strengthened Taiwanese corporations’ brand images, as well as, their global notability.

In addition to the offerings of the IMBA’s unique brand of education in Taiwan, its Asian management courses have attracted many European and American schools to collaborate on short-term programs. For example, beginning in 2000, NCCUC and the University of Innsbruck (Austria) have engaged in mutual exchange programs with specific business management training focuses. Another example of international cooperation is the close partnership established in 2007 between NCCUC and Purdue University (USA). Finally, since 2008 NCCUC has worked closely with the Università Bocconi (Italy) to design and deliver customized courses for their exchange programs.

In addition to cultivating an internationalized learning environment, NCCUC enthusiastically pursues international accreditations and rankings. NCCUC believes the approval of prestigious international accreditation associations can attest to the university’s outstanding academic performance. In this regard, NCCUC founded The Office for Accreditation to promote accreditation applications. In December 2006, became the first public university in Taiwan to achieve accreditation with the AACSB. Later in 2010 NCCUC successfully passed the rigid assessment of the EFMD to attain EQUIS accreditation; thus becoming the first and only Taiwanese university to be accredited by both the AACSB and EQUIS.

NCCUC also strives to receive high rankings in various business and management publications such as the Financial Times. This world ranking considers only universities that have obtained at least one international accreditation such as EQUIS, AMBA and/or AACSB. Because of the school’s many accolades, NCCUC’s was ranked 47th globally in 2008 and 2009 by the Financial Times Masters in Management. NCCUC’s graduate school of International Business continues to propose innovation and transformation focused on three aspects including: teaching, research, and internationalization.

NCCUC’s outstanding performance in internationalization has attracted attention from the world’s top universities. Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) invited NCCUC to establish a branch at NCCU. As BGS members, students enjoy lifetime membership in this prestigious organization.

In 2009, NCCUC was chosen from among many other renowned universities to host the International Graduate Business Conference (GBC). Often led by European and American schools, NCCUC utilized the conference to introduce 60 top global business schools to the “Confucian Doctrine” and the Great China market. NCCUC demonstrated to the world Taiwan’s tremendous achievements following years of cultivating business education.

NCCUC’s enduring promotion of internationalization has had fruitful results and obtained approval from prestigious accreditations and continues to hold a place among the world’s top-100 ranking. NCCUC will strive to cooperate with top global business schools and dedicate itself to cultivating international business and management elites in the hope of making academic and hands-on contributions to both Taiwan and the world.