Four Seasons Speech Series – 
Spring From Bean to the Brick: How IMPCT Coffee Won the Hult Prize

Four Seasons Speech Series –
Spring From Bean to the Brick: How IMPCT Coffee Won the Hult Prize

    Date: 2021-04-21
    Time: 13:30 – 16:50
    Venue: Dayuan International Senior High School
    On-line Registration:
Dr. An-Pang Kao
Vice-Mayor, Taoyuan City
Keynote Speaker
Mr. Taylor Scobbie,
Recipient, 2015 Hult Prize / Co-Founder, IMPCT COFFEE
Dr. Niven Huang
General Manager, KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd.

Regional Leader, KPMG Sustainability Services in Asia Pacific
Mr. Timothy T. Y. Hsiang
Secretary General, International Cooperation and Development Fund
Dr. Shari Shang
Associate Dean, College of Commerce, NCCU  
Director, International MBA, NCCU

13:30-14:00  Registration
14:00-14:05  Opening
14:05-14:20  Opening Remarks and Introduction of GASE
14:20-14:30  Group Photo
14:30-14:35  Introduction of the Speaker
14:35-15:05  Keynote Speech
15:05-15:15  Q & A Session
15:15-15:25  Coffee Break
15:25-16:25  Panel Discussion
16:25-16:45  Q & A Session
16:45-16:50  Closing
After the event, you are welcome to submit your feedback to the "Four Seasons Speeches - Spring: Feedback Activity". The winners will have the chance to receive special gifts from IMPCT COFFEE and MOST GASE.
1. This event will be conducted in English.
2. If you need a certificate of attendance, please complete online survey and the certificate will be sent to you via email after the event.
3. Shuttle bus service from/to HSR Taoyuan station and the venue is available. Should you need the above service, please check this option in the online registration form. The information will be sent to you via email two days prior to the event.
In compliance with the government epidemic prevention regulations, masks are required during event proceeding.
About the Event
In the era of technological and informational advancements, educating our children remains an important subject since parents around the world want their children to be able to access better educational resources, overcome poverty and grow up to live better lives, this is especially the case with parents who live in impoverished regions.
 Team IMPCT, a group of four students from the International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA) of National Chengchi University (NCCU), aims to help underprivileged communities regain their self-reliance through sustainable business models and makes the vision a reality by winning the global champion of 2015 Hult Prize.
The Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (MOST GASE) invited Mr. Taylor Scobbie, recipient of 2015 Hult Prize and the Co-Founder of IMPCT COFFE, to be our speaker for the Four Seasons Speeches – Spring to share their story of how IMPCT grew into a social impact company from a business competition. This event will be held at the Dayuan International Senior High School in Taoyuan in collaboration with the Department of Youth Affairs, Taoyuan, which has been actively promoting and mentoring social entrepreneurship startups in recent years.
Moreover, MOST GASE will invite key leaders from Taiwan's industrial, governmental and academic sectors who have engaged in international cooperation, international aid and sustainable development to have a sparkling discussion in the panel “Growth Beyond Coffee Beans: The Catalyst Towards Social Advancement”. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

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