Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
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2021 陳立民;Amar Sapra*, 2021.04, 'Inventory renewal for a perishable product: Economies of scale and age‐dependent demand, ' Naval Research Logistics, Vol.68, No.3, pp.359-377.(SCIE)(*為通訊作者), 430361
2021 Sungjun (Steven) Park;ChunTing (David) Tung;Heejung Lee*, 2021.04, 'The Adoption of AI Service Robots: A Comparison between Credence and Experience Service Settings, ' Psychology & Marketing, Vol.38, No.4, pp.691-703.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 430088
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2021 Shih-Kuei Lin;Ming-Che Chuang;Dong-Jie Fang*, 2021.04, 'Valuation and Risk Management of Weather Derivatives: The Application of CME Rainfall Index Binary Contracts, ' NTU Management Review, Vol.31, No.1, pp.117-153.(TSSCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者), 430399
2021 Kin-Boon Tang*;Wen-Jie Zheng;Chao-Yang Lin;Shih-Kuei Lin, 2021.04, 'Valuation of callable accreting interest rate swaps: Least squares Monte-Carlo method under Hull-White interest rate model, ' North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol.56, pp.101339.(SSCI)(*為通訊作者), 430402
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2021 楊亨利*;李博逸, 2021.03, '手機語音助理持續使用影響因素之探討, ' 資訊管理學報,.(TSSCI)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受), 430384