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Introduction for the DBA Program
Our business management education faces numerous crises. Compared to application studies, we focus more on theoretical studies. As a result, business management education in Taiwan strays from the practical needs of the market. Theory is detached from reality. Therefore, the development of our business management in practice is restrained. We lack good tools and weapons for corporate transformation and international development while corporations in Taiwan head toward 21st century. This problem indirectly impacts our overall international competitiveness.
EMBA programs have been created for business management education in Taiwan. It is expected that corporate owners can create unique business strategies by combining practical experience with
a theoretical basis. We have achieved moderate success in the promotion of business studies based on current education. However, the EMBA program is only two years long. This is not enough time to explore the reasons behind strategic decision-making or building strong connections between theory and practice. Therefore, we’ve established the DBA program to strengthen the synergistic capacity of students and increase the international competitiveness of corporations.
Our program is based on robust, solid cross-field studies and
the resources of business, social science and information science. We have the oldest, most mature business school system in Taiwan. We’ve integrated resources from the Department of Business Administration and the Graduate Institute of Technology, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management. We link broad, in-depth business theories with practical topics on high-level management to train corporate leaders to respond to the market swiftly, accelerate corporate innovation and transformation, and achieve sustainable management. We aim to help corporate leaders become cross-field talents in management practice and consulting.