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Year Paper Title
2022 Cong-Minh Dinh;Sungjun (Steven) Park*, 2022.06, 'Humanizing Chatbots: The Effect of Fear from the COVID-19 Pandemic, ' Digital Marketing & eCommerce Conference, DMEC.(*為通訊作者)
2022 Wuchun Chi;Chien-min Kevin Pan*, 2022.05, 'How do Auditors Respond to Accounting Restatements? Evidence on Audit Staff Allocation (postponed to 2022), ' Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Conference (JAAF Conference 2022), Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.(*為通訊作者)
2022 洪叔民*;Chao, C-L, 2022.05, 'Do Auditors Respond to Media Coverage of New CEOs?, ' 44th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association, European Accounting Association.(*為通訊作者)
2021 Wei-Jen Wen*;Wen-Chieh Lee, 2021.12, 'Input Price Discrimination and Downstream Monopolization, ' Chinese Economic Association in North America (CEANA) Annual Meeting, CEANA and Taiwanese Economic Association.(*為通訊作者)
2021 Liu, Fu-Han*;Woo-Tsong Lin, 2021.12, 'A Model on Energy Power Management of Air-Recirculation in a Clean Room, ' Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB 2021), ICEB.(*為通訊作者)
2021 Lin, C-H*;Yang, S-F, 2021.11, 'A new control scheme for monitoring process mean and variance, ' The 30th South Taiwan Statistics Conference and 2021Chinese Institute of Probability and Statistics Annuals Meeting,, National KS University.(*為通訊作者)
2021 陳易群*;許牧彥, 2021.11, '新興間接取貨模式之創新市場定位研究, ' 中華民國科技管理學會論文研討會, 中華民國科技管理學會.(*為通訊作者)
2021 王政憲*;許牧彥;柯玉佳, 2021.11, '永續轉型歷程中創新類型與社會科技體制的互動與變遷─以丹麥能源轉型與風機產業為例, ' 中華民國科技管理學會論文研討會論文集, 中華民國科技管理學會, pp.摘要.(*為通訊作者)
2021 楊素芬*, 2021.11, 'A Bayesian variability control chart, '.(*為通訊作者)
2021 郁方*, 2021.10, 'PyCT: A Python Concolic Tester, '.(*為通訊作者)