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Sinyi School

In the 21st century, talents who combine Asian managerial thinking and an international perspective are especially in high demand. By promoting forward-looking and ethical mindset in business education, NCCU College of Commerce aims to build an important education base and knowledge dissemination platform in Asia. At this turning point, Sinyi Realty Inc. granted vital assistance to College of Commerce because of similar philosophy toward education.

With the donation from the alumnus of NCCU Executive Program of Business Administration, and the founder of Sinyi Realty Inc., Mr. Chun-Chi Chou, Sinyi School was established to strengthen and cultivate the concept of business ethics and sustainability management. In addition to the original business expertise and management education, Sinyi School aims to raise the awareness of business ethics in managers of the next generation, so as to strengthen the competency of corporations and industries, and even the brand image of Taiwan. The Business Ethics Chair was founded under the Sinyi School, with Vincent Siew, the former vice president, as the first chair, to make prominent of the great importance in business ethics.

“Sinyi” is not only the name of the donating company, it also represents the basic concept of business practices of merchants in the Chinese culture. More importantly, it is the professional character that future business leaders of Taiwan should equip. NCCU College of Commerce named the project Sinyi School to express its gratitude for the donation of Mr. Chun-Chi Chou and established an office in October, 2012. Sinyi School has not only propelled business ethics as a required course in College of Commerce, but also will invite prestigious masters worldwide in the business ethics field, delivering professional ethics courses.

With business ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability management as the core spirit and characteristics of business and management education, Sinyi School aims at becoming an international business management education center specializing in business ethics.