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Education in Ethics & CSR

In recent years, due to the impact of financial crisis, environmental issues and globalization, the awareness of business ethics, corporate social responsibility, and other issues related to sustainable development has been aroused. The world's leading business schools start to conduct business ethics related courses as a compulsory subject in order to cultivate future corporate leaders with ethical thinking.
As a leading business school in Taiwan, we bear the responsibility to educate the next generation of business leaders and serve as an example to other institutions. We set up a goal to provide at least one course in business ethics and sustainability management as a compulsory subject for all the level of degree students to ensure that every business school graduate possesses ethical and sustainable attributes.
Starting from AY2008, all undergraduate students are required to take a 1-credit course related to ethics and social responsibility; the same is true for our EMBA and MBA programs, which each have a core course dealing with ethics and social responsibility. By the end of the academic year of 2014, Master and PhD programs started their business ethics required courses and we completed to open the first hospital-wide ethics-related compulsory courses in Taiwan. 

Business Ethics Required Core Course in NCCUC
Course Type of credit Level/Department Point
Social Responsibility and Ethics Required Bachelor 1
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Required M.S. 0
Business Ethic and Corporate Governance Required MBA 2
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Required IMBA 1
Academic Ethics Required PhD 0
Directed Study : Corporate Governance and the Assurance of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports Required PhD/ Accounting 1
Corporate Social Responsibilty Partially
Corporate Governess Partially Required EMBA 2

Business Ethics Related Course
Course Type of credit Level/Department Point
Seminar on European Nonprofit Enterprise Development Elective EMBA 2
Corporate Sustainability in Low Carbon Era(Seminar) Elective MBA 1
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Management Elective Bachelor; M.S./ Business Administration 3
Human Resource Management Independent Study : Corporate Governance, Business Wrongdoing and Firm Performance Elective PhD/B 3
Social Enterprise and Social Innovation Elective M.S./Technology, Innovation and Intellectual Property Management 3
Seminar in Industrial Development in Europe Elective MBA 1
WTO Seminar: Agriculture and Environment Elective M.S.; PhD/International Business 3
Environment and Business Elective EMBA 2
Internal Control Management Elective M.S./Accounting 3
Corporate Governance and Reporting Elective M.S/ Accounting 1