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Research Centers

NCCUC's research centers play important roles in corporate linkage and the transfer of academic knowledge, as well as providing the industry with effective solutions to problems in their operations.
NCCUC has 15 college-level research centers. 7 research centers were established with corporate donations.

  1. Accounting and Intellectual Capital Research Center
  2. Brand Research Center
  3. CARDIF Bancassurance Research Development Center
  4. Center for Banking Research
  5. Center for Industrial Network and Technology-Enabled Service
  6. Centre for Cloud Big Data an d Operation Innovation
  7. Data Mining Research Center
  8. Fintech Research Center
  9. Integrative Strategic Value Management System (iSVMS) Research Center
  10. Investor Research Center
  11. NN IP & Nomura SITE Financial Research Center
  12. Research Center for Financial Engineering
  13. Research Center on the Sustainable Development of Insurance Industries
  14. Risk and Insurance Research Center
  15. SINYI Research Center for Real Estate