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In addition to academic research, as an educational institution of leaders, the NCCU College of Commerce trains future business leaders based on practice. We’re one of the most important education and business centers in Taiwan. We aim to create unique local studies for academia. For our research strategy, we contribute to academia by publishing research strategies in international journals and books. We create knowledge by using unique professional fields. We utilize our advantage as the center of Asia to introduce our school to academia. In addition, our mission is to become the best business consultant for the government and corporations. We promote high-quality application research to strengthen the connection between academia and industries. Finally, as the leading business school in Taiwan, we encourage the development of creative teaching methods and materials. Students will no longer be restricted by the framework of old thinking. They will have the courage of creativity to become top business talents.
We encourage our students to publish their studies
in top-level academic journals around the world. We aim to increase our impact on international academic research. We implement a course of action focused on four major main points to achieve this goal:
  1. Increase the number of articles published in top-level international academic journals.
  2. Encourage our lecturers to serve on the editing committees of international journals.
  3. Invite outstanding scholars and scholars from top-level international journals to visit us and hold seminars. 
  4. Invite famous scholars to serve as honorary professors.
In addition, we include “innovation” as one of our core values. Besides encouraging researchers to continue to explore new fields for academic research, we carry out knowledge sharing and exchange by holding seminars, speeches and teacher training, and creat
e newsletters of NCCU business reviews. As for teaching innovation, we integrate case studies, courses and practices, implement innovative, professional education concepts, and provide students, professors and researchers with a great environment for creativity.

“Establishment and operating plan of
the financial technology innovation operation research center” of MOST
In recent years, the business environment has changed rapidly. The quick development of technology and internationalization has created many business opportunities. A large international corporation can be developed based on a creative idea in a short time. At the same time, numerous traditional business models and company structures have been challenged. During this development, people have attached great importance to financial technology (Fintech) and derived innovative services. This research center was created based on the four-year integrated project of the MOST. Nine sub plans are included and research on fintech issues is carried out from four aspects, which are 1. business model, strategy and organization; 2. foundation engineering, basic regulations and innovative applications; 3. investment and value; and 4. financial financing. We must have corresponding foundation engineering and business models for different fintech types. Therefore, we explore strategies, organizations, regulations, and innovative applications, investment and value, and inclusive financing based on various business models and foundation engineering. Directors of the main projects and subprojects are Tang Kuei, Chiu Chih-Sheng, Wu An-Ni, Wang Li-Ling, Pieh Lien-Ti, Chen Chia-Lan, Li Chia-Ling, Chen Kung, Su Wei-Chieh and Peng Chin Lung.

The“IoT- Establishment and operating plan of the technology innovation business model research center” of MOST
During the rapid development of information applications, network technology, AI and sensors, IoT has become an important structure of technology applications today. Numerous innovative services that have developed upward based on IoT, such as smart transportation, smart homes, smart healthcare and smart logistics, continue to change the industry and change daily life. To keep track of the development trends of international technology and help the government promote the Asia Silicon Valley Project, we have implemented a four-year integrated project at MOST and use three sub plans to integrate international industry-official-academic-research resources. Integration is based on three aspects, research in business models, cooperation among international links and industry diffusion. Under the premise of sustainable operation, we have created an innovative knowledge base platform of international technology business model. We have also conducted research and guided people to create applications and business models for IoT suitable for the Taiwanese culture. The directors of the main projects and subprojects are Shang Hsiao-Chun, Chang Hsin-Lu and Hung Wei Hsi.